Insulated Doors

Manufacturing and Maintenance of Custom Built Cool Room Doors

Flush Swing Insulated Doors


The new designed Arctic Insulated flush swing doors are superior to any other on the market.

Our doors offer high quality components specifically for clean room and food manufacturing conditions.

Flush swing doors are composed of Arctic slim line panel with colour bond antibacterial steel skins and managed with a concealed fix, smooth edge style, 2.5mm thickness, powder coated aluminium channel.

Channels are protected with internal corner stakes and Artic’s 'Ultimate' fast cure polyurethane adhesive. Arctic slim line flush swing doors have a 38 mm or 50 mm thick panel with a PIR fire-resistant insulating core material.

Artic now offers a new range of 35mm solid core doors with a variety of colour bond or stainless-steel finishes for higher quality clean rooms.

Optional components to consider: push/pull hardware options, pas-sage set, emergency push bar, lock set, escape set, kick plate covers, door closer, viewing panels, drip moulds, stainless steel or colour skins, magnetic locks, etc.


Face Swing Insulated Doors


The insulated face swing doors from Artic are the world leading cold storage hinge door for commercial and heavy industrial use. Wedge style panel with superior colour bond antibacterial steel skins and managed with a completely incorporated thermally broken aluminium frame.

Standard hardware component includes Fermod 431 key lockable latch with matching release from the internal side of the room.

All door frames are to be fabricated from Artic split frame which incorporates an 80mm x 20mm powder covered aluminium architrave and 6mm thick PVC edge.

Door heater cable can be effectively fitted through removable aluminium cover when required to suit freezer application.

Optional components to consider, 240 volt or low voltage heating, alternate colour bond colours, viewing panels, kick plates, hydraulic closer, stain-less steel skins, etc.


Sliding Insulated Panel Doors


Arctic produce all kinds of sliding doors from standard single horizontal slide right through to multi slide, which can provide full height and provide +90% clear opening for your cool store.

All doors are heavy-duty with smooth edge style, powder coated aluminium channel, inclusive of thermal breaks to ensure the best performance.

All doorframes are fabricated from Arctic split frame incorporating a 80mm x 20mm powder covered aluminium architrave and 6mm thick PVC edge. Door heater cables can be easily fitted through a removable aluminium cover as required to suit sub-zero applications.

The door hardware includes an aluminium G-shaped track with 75mm OD nylon wheels, a floor-mounted stopper with a solid rubber track-mounted stopper and a stainless-steel floor guide.

All gaskets are made of materials that can resist to the effects of food acids, fats, and oils, and can be easily removed and installed in place with sealants and stainless-steel screws.

Optional components to consider: Pelmets, alternate flush fitted handles, kick plates, automation, viewing panels, 240 volt or low voltage heating.


Vertical Lift Doors

The Artic vertical lift door has both a manual and motor drive function, which is suitable for applications where little side room is available or when multiple door openings are close to each other, such as warehouse loading dock.

Arctic vertical lift doors incorporate acounterweight operation or heavy-duty torsion spring counterbalance lifting systems and are specially designed and manufactured to meet the needs of various applications from automated ceiling hatches to loading dock doors or refrigeration system ventilation doors.

All doors are heavy-duty with smooth edge style, powder coated aluminium channel, including thermal breaks ensure the best performance. The door frame is an Arctic split door frame type, which combines 80mm x 20mm p/c aluminium, frame and 6mm PVC threshold.

All exposed lifting cables and counter balance systems are hidden behind the folding steel top hat to ensure safety.

The door heater cable can be easily installed through a removable aluminium cover as required to suit sub-zero applications. The hardware of the door consists of 2 aluminium G-shaped slide tracks with 75mm OD nylon wheels, with solid rubber track mounted stops.


Insulated Rapid Roller Door

Arctic high-speed doors are a definitive mix of design simplicity with modern engineering. The full range of high-speed doors also called rapid action doors and rapid roll doors are specially manufactured for industrial environments that require energy efficiency and a high level of safety.

Created with energy-efficiency prerequisites, Arctic’s high-speed doors are completely sealed when closed and open faster, which effectively reduces energy loss through doorways.

Since high-speed doors are designed and manufactured in Australia, Arctic provides customised engineering solutions for doorway and industrial environment control to meet the different sizes and specifications of each installation.

Innovative manufacturing methods and equipment guarantee Arctic's high-speed doors are delivered rapidly and effectively to high quality standards.

Arctic high-speed doors have a variety of models to choose from to suit different installation environments and application requirements. Other options are also available, such as BE beam activation, radar activation, remote control, and insulated freezer door.


PVC Strip Doors


In order to complement the suite of Artic doors and ensure the completion of the best projects on the market, from the complete set of cool rooms to the fit out of supermarkets, commercial cold storage and cleanrooms, ARCTIC can provide solutions to meet all your needs.

Please make sure you ask the best advice in terms of reducing condensation, maintaining temperature, saving energy, enhancing hygiene, or ensuring product shelf life.

From stainless steel and aluminium, fixed and bolted or easy lift off hook on head rails to sliding track systems, this series of products of strip doors are reliable, cost-effective, and low maintenance costs.

Alternatives to consider for your strips; ribbed or level profiles, standard thickness from 1.5mm up to 4mm, widths from 100mm up to 400mm, to suit explicit medium and low temperature applications, tinted colours, roof or wall mounting, etc.


Display Doors


A recent design innovation, the energy efficient integrated glass display frame system is a game changer.

All doors are equipped with heated or non-heated glass infill and come with natural or black anodized aluminium frames finish as standard. Arctics’ doors have a modern profile with integrated full-length handles and thermally broken insert frames.

Equipped with self-closing hinges, magnetic seal, fluorescent lamp with diffuser to maximize lighting, best performance, and corrosion resistance. The shelf system will handle the heaviest loads and is suitable for standard shelf management systems to deliver your products. Each shelf can be tilted individually, or gravity fed shelving with the optional shelf management.

All shelves are produced from heavy-duty re-enforced zinc plated steel with a dark powder coat finish and are considered as the strongest in the market.

The shelves have front and back item stops. The least demanding shelving to assemble.

Optional components to consider: heated glass with double or triple glazing, infill kick panels to base of doors.




Condensation forms when cold air meets with a warm surface. This condensation is usually the result of warm humid air condensing on the relatively cold surface of single panel glass. Double Glazing will virtually eliminate this condensation.  With double glazing, there is improved thermal insulation between the outside and inside due the gap between the glass layers. As a result, condensation is greatly reduced.

If you are looking for a definite solution to showcase your products to potential customers while keeping them in the right condition, our glass display windows for cool rooms are the perfect option for you. At Arctic, we manufacture excellent products such as glass display windows for cool rooms that ensure you can keep your products exposed and in optimal conditions.

Windows are available in aluminium or stainless steel and are manufactured to suit food grade and pharmaceutical regulations, or to suit specified hygiene requirements.




The insulated sectional doors are designed to be installed in industrial facilities including warehouses, offices, commercial, production, and other places with heavy traffic.

The door curtain is produced using a sandwich panel with 0.5 mm steel treated for anticorrosion, and the internal space is filled with approximately 40 mm wide PU foam, giving a thermal coefficient of 0.54 W/m2grdC to the door.

The doors are designed to improve wear resistance and tolerate heavy loads because they have high operating strength and long failure-free performance (up to 100,000 opening/closing cycles).

The doors comply with following EU directives:

  • DIN EN 13241 – 1: 2004
  • DIN EN 12604: 2000
  • DIN EN12605: 2000
  • DIN EN 12453: 2000 – 11
  • DIN EN 60204: 1998 – 11
  • 98/37/EEC
  • 73/23/EEC (completed by 92/31 and 93/68)
  • 89/36/EEC (completed by 93/31 and 93/68)


  • The weight of door is assisted by torsion springs
  • Designed to last for at least 25.000 cycles
  • Motor - GFA Elektromaten, Germany, 400V
  • Industrial grade hinges



Thermicroll Classic is a durable, safe, simple, and corrosion-resistant industrial door. It is the basic model and can be used in all industries.

The sturdy and durable tube with direct transmission is wrapped with an insulating mantle. The tube does not require a balanced spring system, thus reducing the daily maintenance of the door and related costs.

The section of the curved profile permits the upper winding to be reduced in size and a silent  movement of the mantle.

Classic industrial doors can be customised, including the option of inserting windows in transparent polycarbonate.

Features & benefits

  • Up to 0.2 m/s opening and closing (dependant on size)
  • Door panel is made of 20mm polystyrene (EPS)
  • Door is pre painted steel in a standard colour, with options for various colours.



The sectional overhead door provides a reliable and thermally effective barrier to the doorways and are mainly used for temperature and condensation control.

Sectional doors are designed and manufactured in Australia, have excellent thermal performance, and are designed to operate continuously with minimal maintenance.




The Arctic Fermod sliding door is appropriate for positive and negative temperature applications.  European style design, with pelmet covered rail and "Drop Down and In" closing system, which provide a perfect seal without wearing gaskets.

The Wall Guide system is a patented design that removes all components from the ground and does not involve springs, axles, or rollers.

Special design provides anti-collision protection for the door. If the door is severely impacted, it will detach from the guide rail without damaging any components. Any other system in Australia will bring about significant harm to the door and/or damage components, which requires a service technician callout.

Anyone with a phillips head screwdriver can immediately put the Fermod system back into operation. Perfect for applications in commercial kitchens, fast food, supermarkets, liquor stores and food production.