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Arctic Installations is a leading specialist in the supply and installation of cool rooms and insulated panels in the Northern Territory.

Arctic Team
areas of expertise
  • Controlled Environment Specialists
  • Cool Rooms
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Freezers / Chilled Tunnels
  • Transportables
  • Industrial and Commercial Storage
  • Air handling Units / Air Ducting
  • Pharmaceuticals & Laboratories
  • Insulated Panel Suppliers / Installers
  • Thermally Efficient Hygienic Cold Storage Rooms
  • Fire Walls
  • Cool Room Construction & Design Specialists
  • Kit Rooms
  • Site Accommodation/Smoko Rooms
  • Office Fit Outs

Supply and Installation of Insulated Panels

At Arctic we can work one of two ways.

1: Simply provide you with either PIR or EPS Panels.

2: We can provide the panels and also a team of expert builders who can install any insulated panel system you need, ensuring that the room is completed to the highest standards. (Panels range from 50mm to 250mm)


Cold Storage – Cool Rooms / Freezer Rooms

We specialise in the erection and tendering of major long-term, built to last cold storage facilities.

Not only can we build new Cool rooms or Freezer rooms, we will also safely demolish old ones  and dispose of accordingly.

Sometimes a client is not completely sure of the layout. We can provide you with our suggestions and what we think will work best for your needs. All of our managers at Arctic are able to architecturally design rooms that are individually created to ensure you are getting most out of the space within the room.

Climatised Insulated Panel Rooms

Do you need a cost effective and energy efficient quick build addition for commercial buildings?

Arctic can offer you to build new Insulated Panel Offices, Shop Fit Outs, Meeting Rooms, Show Rooms, Server Rooms, Smoke Rooms, Fire/Partition Walls and Dry Storage with structurally trafficable ceilings that can be used as extra storage facilities.

Save 80% on heating/cooling costs.
20% more cost effective than dry walls.
50% quicker build time.


Food Processing Plants & Warehouses

Arctic is able to offer construction planning to food processors, such as Holco Meats, as well as growers and manufacturers requiring cool room production facilities and storage sheds.

Clean Rooms & Laboratories

Arctic is also a specialist in the construction of clean rooms in many different sectors such as Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, high-tech or cosmetic.

These industry specific panels provided by Kingspan are like nothing else before, featuring an IPN- Quadcore which ensures excellent hygiene and are extremely easy to work with and build.


Kit Rooms tailored to Architectural Drawings

At Arctic Installations we are able to provide kit rooms tailored to clients architectural drawings. All panels are mitred, recessed and are ready to be installed as per Arctic Installations drawing. All sundries, aluminium and vapour barriers are supplied.

We make your projects come together in an efficient manner.

General Housing, Transportables and Site Accommodation

We can also cater for a wide variety of construction applications, such as facade walls, partition walls, hoardings, plenums and air handling units, crib rooms, and site accommodation and amenities.


Insulated Roofing & Architectural Facades

Superior thermal performance in a single composite roof product. The all in one ceiling and insulation panels are self-supporting and high in thermal efficiency.

Agricultural Building Solutions

Arctic are experts in the construction of animal housing enclosures such as chicken sheds and piggeries. The advantages to other products are a fast installation time and the ability to be easily cleaned.


Door Panel Manufacturing And Maintenance

Our specialist in house team can manufacture and install personalised, custom built cool room doors.


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