Insulated Panel Products

Panels and doors are all made to order to suit a wide range of applications.

we supply and maintain

insulated panel products

ASKIN Performance Panels

EPS Panel
The original Panel is extremely rigid and strong with a polystyrene center, one of the best insulating panels on the market. Provided by Askin with Flame Guard technology these panels are extremely low maintenance and are fully compliant with Australian Standards ranging from 50mm to 250mm thickness.

KINGSPAN Insulation

PIR Panel
Provided by Kingspan, this is a fire resistant and insulated high performance panel used for both internal and external structures. These panels range from 50mm to 250mm thickness and need very little maintenance. At Arctic we use Kingspan factory Mutual (FM) approved panels.


New technology drives XFLAM panel systems to high levels of performance while the well tried laminated panel production process delivers unbeatable benefits of dimensional stability, superior surface finish, and superior strength. These performance gains can be translated into cost savings.